frequently asked questions

What is the average age of your guests?
The averages of our guests are men and women in their mid-thirties up to their mid-fifties.

Can I travel by myself to your retreat or will there be mostly couples?
Most of our guests come alone, so yes, absolutely! The small group of 8 likeminded people always creates its own dynamics and camaraderie.

Do I have to be super fit for this holiday?
We usually recommend our inquiring guests to decide for themselves. If you are not fit at all but you enjoy physical activities, outdoors and if you are not afraid of pushing your limits, I'm sure that you will get some amazing things out of this retreat. We are not a military camp and the advantage of the small group (max 8) is that we are able to adapt our program to your exact level of fitness.

How big is the group going to be?
We keep the group size at maximum 8 to ensure maximum attention and great results for everybody.

Can I stay extra nights at the Bali Elements hotel?
Many of our guests enjoy extending their stay in Bali either before or after the Bali Elements Week. We offer extra nights at the Hotel at a special rate or we are happy to suggest a variety of hotels or villas that will suit your needs.

Do I have to participate in all the activities and meals?
Even though all our retreat activities are optional we highly recommend our guests to partake in as many activities as possible in order to get the promised shots of Adrenaline and the sense of well being. The schedules of the Bali Elements week are designed to leave space for relaxing and personal time as well but one can talk to our coordinator to arrange more free time or extra activities such as surfing, horseback riding, more spa treatments or exploring the gourmet dining scene of Seminyak.

I'm an experienced athlete. Will I get coached on intermediate to advanced levels?
Absolutely! If we have guests of very different fitness levels, we often break into smaller groups and our instructors will challenge each group to an appropriate level. You can join as well to train for a Triathlon or Iron man.

Will I be able to lose some weight within this holiday?
Even though the Bali Elements Week is not designed for that sole purpose, almost all of our participants have lost one or two kilos within the week. But more importantly: they could improve their dietary habits through better understanding of their bodies and improve their workout discipline on a long lasting level when back home.

What other costs do I have to expect when at Bali Elements Week?
We offer the retreat 'all inclusive'. So unless you choose some of the optional extra activities(which you can schedule and pay in advance), or you want to go out somewhere else for dinner, make international calls, buy some souvenirs, have alcoholic drinks or extra meals, you will only be charged for the extremely reasonably priced laundry service at the hotel.

Why choose the Bali Elements Week?
We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of instruction from people who are certified and trained in their area of expertise. We have up to 30 people working with us to create the Bali Elements experience and some of us are constantly researching and finding new fun challenges "off the track" in this island full of magic and dramatic landscapes.

Almost 20 years experience on the Island enable us to create an ultimate experience that most day-to-day travelers never imagine exists. Our activities are five star experiences that immerse our guests in the exotic Balinese culture which is unique to our island alone.

From the moment you step off the plane you are taken care of, so all you have to do is show up, challenge yourself and enjoy.
Most of our work is done before our guests even arrive, with every detail of the retreat carefully prepared after evaluation of their questionnaire so that our participants enjoy a remarkable holiday tailored to their needs and filled with stunning memories they will cherish long after they return home.