guest reviews

bali elements was just what I needed and fulfilled on what was described on your website. It was challenging - but fun and introduced me to the idea that exercise can be leisure and fun and not just fitness. It's been like hanging out with friends - easy, relaxed and supportive. I have learnt a lot and had a great time. Thank you
Susan , Australia / Singapore

After a week at bali elements I do not have a muscle that has not been discovered through a variety of activities, or a thought that has not been explored through the life coaching. Mind, body and soul have had a workout that has been beyond my imagination.
Thank you for the enlightenment, encouragement, support and for your friendship.
Cathy, Australia

I've been on may activity/health/adventure holidays around the world,... and my stay with bali elements has been one of the most enjoyed.
Not only was it very well organized, but brought together a perfect variety of physical and mental exercises by introducing all the beautiful 'elements' of this island. It provided a non touristy experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a holiday with the right balance of exercise, adventure and spiritual relaxation and enlightenment.
Marjan America / London

Bali elements,... wow, that was the most fun I've ever had in a week ,, this kind of experience is just impossible to get unless you have the right ingredients ,,, anika our host is a person of such quality ,, we were blessed to find her,, the island itself is magnificent ,, but the careful attention to each persons needs,, the insider knowledge that anika was able to give us after living on the island for over 20 years was invaluable , I feel fit and inspired and have had more fun and laughter this week than I can ever remember having,,, I will be suggesting Bali elements to everyone I know and will try and make my trip an annual event.
Lorraine , London

Just wanted to say thanks for the week in Bali. We are still having a laugh and dining out on the stories. Both of us cant wait to get back. (...)
Mike Australia

BE brave and move out of your comfort zone, with trees, Carl, surfing,...
BE strong and energetic, laugh, sweat, sandy, calm, breathe deep at boot camp
BE enthralled by beauty of Bali, rice fields, jungle
BE healthy with beautiful good food
BE calm & relaxed with massages
BE stretched, supple & quiet with yoga and meditation
A fabulous week with beauty, patience and organisation of Anika
Just BE, well-being feel fit and fabulous
Thank you so much!
Helen, New Zealand

This thing is 11 out of 10 ( I don't say that easily). Think of an activity packed holiday in a really small group with great variety of sports, where towels and water bottles appear out of nowhere and even weather is always just right.
It worked wonders- During the week I did NOT:
-drink (...)
-burn myself
-wear high heels
-eat fatty food (or even feel like it)
-etc, etc.....
And I did not even need to try,... it just happened!
Brilliant! Now, how to keep it going...? (Anika should set up a subsidiary in London).
Anika. She was one of us and made the trip tick. She's a natural.
I can not thank enough for the good times I had !
Thank you Anika, I'll miss having you around
Pia, Finland/London (happy to give references any time!)

I love bali elements !
It's actually my second session this year because my friend saw my pictures and heard my stories and asked me to go back with her - it did not take very much to convince me! My fitness schedule at home in California and Tokyo was really jump started by the 1st bali elements and I hope this 2nd time will further strengthen my everyday fitness. The best thing about bali elements is that exercise never feels like exercise because it takes place in beautiful places around the island, far away from the normal tourist spots.
Thanks for another unforgettable week in Bali.
Wendy, California / Tokyo

Thank you for an amazing week! I loved bali elements and am very sad the week is already over, it absolutely flew by. I wish I could start another week right away. However, I think the week has given me a great kick start and necessary motivation carry on my fitness activities at home. I loved the yoga at Desa Seni, the activities at the Canggu Club, boot camp , interval training, surfing, massages, etc. , etc., and especially the opportunity to feel part of Anika's family and community in Bali for the week of dinners, lunches, meditations. Thank you for your dedication & warmth in creating an amazing bali elements week. xoxox
Erika, New York

Thanks so much for introducing us to you, your family, your home, your island and to a healthy and fun way of life! You are so organized in a seemingly effortless way, which is amazing and impressive considering you're organizing (in our case) 6 peoples lives in addition to your own. Your coordination skills took all the stress off the participants in the program because we knew you had everything under control. What a week we had! I loved that we did a wide variety of activities , many of which were just outside our comfort zone, but I felt comfortable trying them in the company of new friends. I will definitely keep up with some of them, like yoga and meditation to try to improve my skills. Others were a reintroduction to a long lost activity like tennis. Getting 3 hours of private instruction over the course of the week is just what I need as a catalyst to playing more often when I'm back at home. I have mixed emotions leaving this week - I feel sad leaving new friends , but I also feel energized about all the things I've accomplished this week. I really look forward to coming back to Bali and to bali elements again. Thanks so much for everything!
Lynn, Los Angeles